Mextrek #9: Celebracion de Milton: SAVE THE DATE: April 25 – 28th 2019
This will be a party in honor of Milton Otto, our Mextrek founder and originator of everything ADV in the Sierra Madre Orientals! Milton will be in attendance and actually riding his DRZ god willing. To keep it a party (and convenient for significant others) we will be holding the event in the fabulous, festive, historical, and upscale little “Puebla Magica” of Santiago, Nuevo Leon. Santiago is 140 miles of tollway and divided highway from both Nuevo Loredo and McAllen so driving there in a regular passenger car will not be an issue. Saturday night will be a huge catered affair at the host hotel with scrumptuous food, entertainment, and good friends. Milton will be seated in a throne, fed grapes, fanned with palm branches, etc…. Santiago by night:

Santiago is located 20 miles southeast of Monterrey. For those who attended Mextrek in year’s prior, Santiago is the furthest north of the rides in the guidebook. Located at the very top of the ride named by Milton himself: THE GOLD STANDARD!!!

Santiago has a very nice, clean, and upscale main square with fine dining (an Argentinian steakhouse – tested for quality on Mextrek #7, Italian, ice cream, a Mexican beer garden), as well as a spa (also tested on Mextrek #7), delightful small stores, a church, and one hotel. on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night the square is filled with troubadours giving walking tours with music.

Drone footage (Host hotel at 0:35: 

Santiago Nuevo Leon, Pueblo Magico – YouTube

We’ll be staying at a posh hotel / spa on the square. With pool, 5 star dining, rooftop bar, etc…

There is a pretty lake a stone’s throw away with beach, dinner and drink cruises, and lakeside dining.

And of course the horsetail falls about 12 minutes up a winding mountain road:

Riding opportunities are not quite as plentiful as Galeana, but as the “northern gateway” to the trails in Richard’s excellent guidebook, chances are you will find ride routes that aren’t easily accessible from Galeana….La Ascension, El Trinidad, Gold Standard, Petrero Redondo, etc… So don’t fret! The area is amazingly beautiful.

Also, for anyone (spouse, kids, time constrained riders) who might want to fly into Monterrey, rather than drive, I can arrange a shuttle to and from the airport. Flights are high now, but 60 to 90 day advance they dip to as low as $99 round trip. Fox’s friend “AB” owns 3 motorcycle dealerships in town and can get a rental 250 dual sport with zero issues.

And in a strange turn of events we will have an after party, in Galeana, for everyone who hasn’t got their fill of riding. Sunday to Tuesday. Free add on!

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